Overcoming Common Challenges to Get the Most from the Cloud

We’ve moved from a society where companies are asking “Is the cloud right for us?” to an era where companies are asking “How can we get the most from our cloud applications and choose the right solution?” With a recent IDC report estimating that by 2018, the public cloud will consist of more than 50 percent of software, service, and storage spending, it is time to understand your company’s move to the cloud. Unfortunately, many companies also find complexities in moving to the cloud, which is somewhat inhibiting to cloud adoption in some industries. What can you do to be proactive in your move to the cloud? In overcoming these challenges, what can you do to make the most of your company’s cloud choices?
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Key Responsibilities of Cloud Service Providers and Vendors

Cloud ResponsibilitiesWhen choosing a hosting provider, a reseller, or even a SaaS vendor, there are many key insights that you must heed. Part of the ‘crawl’ stage in the three stages of cloud adoption, understanding the cloud environment: The responsibilities, the readiness, and the adoption planning must be taken to heart before making the move. Knowing the things for which providers must be held accountable will help you to make a more informed cloud decision.

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Software Selection Best Practices

How to Select Business SoftwareAs a business owner, purchasing manager, or finance professional, software selection can seem a bit cloudy. With so many different products, different salespeople, and different needs of your business; where do you begin your journey? We look to clarify your move to your next software, and hope if all ends well, we can shine a light on your move to the cloud.
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