Zuora-Intacct Connector Solves Financial Subscription Challenges

Zuora and Intacct IntegrationLast month, Zuora and Intacct announced the availability of a pre-integrated cloud connector that eases the integration between the best-in-class billing and financial management applications of the two companies. These capabilities allow companies in the Subscription Economy™ to easily automate and streamline complex order management, billing, payment, and revenue recognition while gaining real-time visibility into key financial and business metrics.

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Business Benefits of Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting BenefitsDiscover the top 9 benefits of cloud accounting below:

1. You can access your systems from anywhere.
You don’t have to be a “road warrior” to appreciate this. How about taking the family on vacation while still having access to everything you need? Or maybe, you want to use a different computer in different places? Cloud systems allow the flexibility to work from anywhere with an internet connection.

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How Small Businesses Can Save With The Cloud – Infographic

Cloud Savings ROI and SavingsMany small business owners are using the cloud and experiencing benefits like never seen before. Using cloud computing for business is a way that small business owners can save money, time, and hassle on a daily basis.

Below is an infographic from Line//Shape//Space that shares six solid reasons why it’ll make your life easier to use the cloud, some of the cloud services available to help your business, the number of cloud services small businesses are using today, and how much you’ll cut energy and IT-labor costs by using the cloud.

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Don’t Feel Snowed In By Your Current ERP System

Changing to Sage Intacct will help you find a clear path out.

Outgrowing ERP System

If your company is large enough to need sophisticated applications like finance/accounting, manufacturing, sales and service, and CRM, but they’re not working together, you probably feel like the folks in New Hampshire have been feeling recently. Every department is working with a similar group of products and customers, but each has its own computer systems and software – and they’re not speaking to each other. You’re working so hard, but there’s no solution in sight.

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Worried About Data Security in The Cloud?

Don’t be. Sage Intacct’s cloud-based accounting solution is so safe that its backups have backups. And it offers something you don’t often see from data security systems: a guarantee.

If you’ve ever done any of your financial tasks over the internet – transaction downloads or online bill-pay or web-based tax preparation – you may remember that feeling you had the first time you dispatched sensitive data onto distant servers.

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Cloud Accounting: Better Mobility, Security and ROI

You probably can’t imagine living without the internet anymore. Someday, you’ll wonder how you managed your financial data using desktop software.

In less than two decades, the internet has changed the way we live and work dramatically. "How did we get along before email?", you’ll hear people say. Or, "I’ll just look it up on the website."

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