Key Takeaways from the Future of the Cloud Survey

Cloud Study TakeawaysEach year, North Bridge Venture Partners, Gigaom Research, and many collaborators come together to gauge the present and future of cloud computing.  Since 2011, Future of Cloud Computing features some of the biggest names in cloud strategy and as it celebrates its 4th release, compiled results from 1,358 respondents and 72 collaborators. What does the research have to say about the future?

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Is Your Software Enterprise-Ready?

Skyhigh Enterprise ReadyWhen selecting a cloud vendor, there are many questions that you need to ask.  Is the cloud scalable, secure, and able to handle the critical business applications needed for long term business growth? The experts at Skyhigh were thinking this exact thing when they introduced their CloudTrust Program.  What is CloudTrust? What does it mean to choose an ‘Enterprise-Ready’ Solution? How can this ranking help your business to improve decisions and ensure security in the cloud?

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Crawl, Walk, Run: A Simple Guide to Cloud Adoption

Crawl Walk Run Cloud AdoptionWe’ve said it before, we’ll say it again.  The cloud is here to stay.  Even in the wake of your internal naysayers and cloud detractors, more and more enterprises will continue to recognize the value and scalability that cloud computing has to offer.  How can you work to convince the rest of your organization? How can you contribute to the overall strategy? How can your implementation go smoothly?

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An Elegy to Private Servers

An Elegy to Private ServersAre you still using private servers? We’re sorry.  Today, running your business on private servers is on the same level of odd behavior as carrying scuba tanks to provide a private air supply.  This is why we join you today to offer one final rest in peace to the idea, the practice, and the headaches that come with on-premise technology.

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Data as a Service (DaaS): What is Driving the Exponential Growth?

We live in the as-a-service society, and this concept is driving growth for businesses of all sizes.  But what are the factors contributing to the growth of a specific segment of this industry, Data as a Service?  Trustantial, whose goal is to keep you informed of the latest updates in the cloud and as-a-service industries; would like to share with you the importance and factors fueling Data as a Service’s exponential growth.

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