The Workaholic CFO

We have all heard these excuses from friends or loved ones that are Chief Financial Officers of a major organization:


“Sorry I can’t

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The Spreadsheet Danger Zone

Spreadsheets are great, sometimes indispensable… To an extent. Many companies have relied on spreadsheets and manual financial processes since their inception. Why not? They’re easy to set up, people are familiar with them, and they work for basic functions.

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Intacct Performance Cards: Revolutionizing Your Accounting and BI

New Intacct Performance ReportingHow would you feel if a company noted for providing best-in-class financial management software to growing businesses added a revolutionary feature that will allow you to monitor critical performance trends in your business?  How can you utilize this new functionality to improve reporting and recognize financial management like never before? Read on to see what Intacct Performance Cards are and how they can help your business intelligence.

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Business Benefits of Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting BenefitsDiscover the top 9 benefits of cloud accounting below:

1. You can access your systems from anywhere.
You don’t have to be a “road warrior” to appreciate this. How about taking the family on vacation while still having access to everything you need? Or maybe, you want to use a different computer in different places? Cloud systems allow the flexibility to work from anywhere with an internet connection.

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