Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365? Three Questions to Ask

You may have heard that it costs five times as much to attract new customers as it does to keep the ones you have. That price is too high, especially in today’s competitive marketplace. To succeed, it’s critical that you stay connected with your clients during every stage of the process, from lead generation to customer retention.

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Cloud Computing

The Dollars And Sense Of Business Applications In The Cloud

Don’t let your tech hold you back

Your goal is to wow your customer—innovating is why you’re in business. But the more manual steps between idea and customer—from balancing the budget to managing the supply chain—the harder it can be to stay relevant and keep costs in check. Are time-consuming processes and disconnected systems holding you back?

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The Spreadsheet Danger Zone

Spreadsheets are great, sometimes indispensable… To an extent. Many companies have relied on spreadsheets and manual financial processes since their inception. Why not? They’re easy to set up, people are familiar with them, and they work for basic functions.

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Accounting Software for Franchises: Success Stories and Key Insights

Franchise Accounting SoftwareThe franchise decision can be a lucrative option for business owners looking to expand efficiently and own a business without having to manage every single entity personally. With the ability to recruit other business owners who will manage each location, you can focus on scaling your business and making strategic decisions to continue growth in the long term. Profit provides possibilities. Shouldn’t you be able to see your money without going location to location or relying on weekly emails from franchisees?

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Intacct Enhances Department Collaboration with Intacct Collaborate

Intacct CollaborateOne of Intacct’s longest running partnership has bloomed into something more. The latest announcement, Intacct Collaborate, has built a new way for organizations to communicate and innovate through a secure and efficient addition to the Intacct Financial Management Backbone.


The partnership, Intacct Collaborate, combines the secure and data driven financial management platform Intacct and the enabler of the social enterprise Salesforce Chatter to deliver a better way for Finance, Sales, and Services teams to streamline communications and speed work execution.

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