Our Story

Why does Trustantial exist?

As a pragmatic group of technology consultants, we started Trustantial because we saw a big market opportunity to support many mid-sized businesses that have been massively underserved.  We decided to step into that space and help underserved clients maximize their technology investments and make a fair profit along the way.

Are you underserved?

We’ve seen our fair share of these customer scenarios:

ERP and CRM technologies are core to the success of many mid-sized businesses, but which is the “right” solution for any given organization? If a tech partner sells just one solution, are they truly addressing  your needs or are they trying to fit a square peg in a round hole – just to make the sale?

There are some super tech-savvy people out in the market space promoting their expertise. Sure, you want to work with them, but once it’s time for implementations or when the first hiccup occurs, that expert is nowhere to be found and your issue is handled by an inexperienced staff member who may still learning on the job.

So, we hear these phrases all the time: “improved operational efficiency”, “reduced cost”, and “strong ROI” but does your ERP or CRM deliver against these promises? In most cases, the answer is no simply because that solution has not been properly implemented or because the users have not been properly trained on how to get the most from it.

ERP and CRM can deliver transformational results but are these results being engineered by “offshore” resources that may not be as familiar with your unique needs and the way in which you operate? How well does that offshore resource truly understand your business processes?

trustantial: driven to deliver Great Outcomes

Achieving great technology outcomes are not really a function of the ERP or CRM that is chosen. Great outcomes result when the people and business processes are in the forefront of the solution design. The technology – while important – is simply an enabling device. 


The key to success is first understanding how a business operates – it processes, procedures, policies – and the skill set of the people managing and operating those processes.  This essential issue is often overlooked. That insight should drive the selection and implementation of an ERP or CRM solution. So, choosing the right technology partner that understands this is essential for your business to thrive.

The Trustantial Difference

The Founding Partners of Trustantial built their business based upon these mission critical elements:


We recognize that for our business to be sustainable and thrive, we must have great people. So, we diligently focus on recruiting, training, and retaining team members that are committed  to delivering value to our clients each and every day.

parnter-level attention

When you hire Trustantial, you can be assured that you will receive support, guidance, and insight from our most senior staff – our partners.  They will be dedicated to delivering great business outcomes.


maximizing investment

Clients deserve getting the most out of the investments they’ve made in technology solutions. As we understand your business processes, we will work hard to ensure that your ERP and/or CRM system is optimized so that your organization can and will yield the greatest benefit.

What our Founding Partners have to say…


Talk to Trustantial to learn how we can uniquely deliver great outcomes to your organization.

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