“My company has used Trustantial since our business began in 2005. It was a blessing to have met Russ with the hundreds of questions we had when starting our own business. His tax knowledge alone has benefited us as we grew our company. Detailed financial, quarterly reports and tax preparations are very detailed and professional and were the missing link in helping with credit line approvals. Setting up the monthly IRS draft has been a tremendous benefit in budgeting our business expenses. Trustantial is also very affordable, friendly and professional.” — Kyle Williams, President at RGN Services, Inc.

“I just want to drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciate all that you and your team at Trustantial do for us. Quite frankly, I was a little concerned when our previous accountant we had used for 25 years retired. But you made the transition go smoothly–even helping us to transition our software to Quickbooks®.

The fact that you are so knowledgeable on everything related to computers and software is a real plus. It’s wonderful when I have a problem with something and you can just log onto my computer with me from wherever you are to show me what needs to be done. We have three full time programmers working on our software to keep the internet part of our retail business going, and help us be “state of the art”. With Trustantial, we are able to have the financial side of our business match what we are doing with our retail business (over $10 million in sales this year for the first time), but for an incredibly low monthly fee. I am always looking for a way to save money, and I can honestly say that what we get from Trustantial is the best bargain I know of.

I appreciate the fact that you, Traci, and Debbie are always so friendly and accessible. I have total trust in your honesty, dependability, and the accuracy of what you advise me. It certainly helps me to sleep at night, knowing that I will have no surprises–no unexpected tax problems–and that I can count on whatever you tell me.

I will be happy to recommend you and Trustantial to any business owner who is considering saving money, modernizing accounting practices, or looking for better responsiveness from his business services professional.

Thanks for all that you do for us!”

Judy Saunders
Lone Star Comics

“Russ has been easy to work with when I have questions regarding the programs, or am “stuck” and need immediate help. It is great to be able to solve problems with him remotely, saving time and quickly moving on to the next challenge.” — Mary Lee Cruz, E-Source, Inc.

“Hi Russ, I wanted to take the time to thank you and your team for all the things you do for me and my business. When I started with Trustantial I told you that I needed you to take care of my books, my payroll and most importantly keep me in compliance and out of trouble. You have certainly done that and so much more. I have been through some rough times with my business and you and your staff have been right there with me the whole time. The difference Trustantial has made for me is that you, Debbie and Traci have been extremely accurate, caring, patient and quick in everything I have asked for. Many times I didn’t even know what to ask for but you or your staff had me covered. In looking back at previous accounting services I can say without a doubt that your services (including payroll services) have saved 3 to 5 hours a week and probably $3,000 to $4,000 a year. Trustantial is always first on my mind when a discussion comes up on bookkeeping, payroll services and accounting services. Keep up the good work!” — Mark Campbell, The Printer’s Mark

“I have been with Russ at Trustantial for over four years. Russ handles all my accounting needs and does my credit card processing as well. He is always very accessible and goes above and beyond to help me in any and every situation. I have recommended him to other businesses in my area and will continue to do so. Thanks for all you do Russ.” — Don Harris, G&M Collision Center

“I am writing this letter to you to express my extreme satisfaction with the services and recommendations provided from your firm, Trustantial in 2011.

As you recall, I contacted you in May regarding my company, Southern Deer Stands, LLC to discuss how to replace our current technology solution which was impeding our ability to support our rapidly expanding manufacturing and sales operations. Like many small companies our growth outpaced our systems and we were reliant on dual entry into multiple systems and manual processes to track critical aspects of our business. In addition, we added additional staff that also needed access to quoting, invoicing, credit card processing and purchasing, customer and warehouse information. Without question our current systems and processes were at the end of their life and had to be replaced in order for our growth to continue.

Southern Deer Stands already had QuickBooks but needed an integrated web based system to support job cost based manufacturing, purchasing, quoting, inventory and drop ship items, CRM, invoicing and credit card processing and warehouse and shipping management. We also needed to consolidate to one operating company within QuickBooks to streamline the financial operations.

After you understood our requirements, your recommendation was to purchase Method, a web based integrated solution for QuickBooks. I started a pilot to see how this system might work for us and I have to admit it sounded too good to be true that we could get one system that would address all of our technology needs. After processing just a few sales through the system I was sold, just in the features and capabilities that are present in the sales/invoicing module. I then began to move each critical area of our business to Method starting with sales. Our sales reps are now able via the web to enter any type of quote, sales order or invoice, view inventory, process credit cards, send invoices to customers and check the status of customer orders through our customized view of warehouse and shipping. Our employees now enter their time now in Method through the web and this is tied to our manufacturing jobs. Our purchase orders are entered and managed from the web using Method and our Warehouse Manager uses Method to track our manufactured orders and shipping. There are many additional benefits we have achieved from Method. One of the most compelling features of Method is that it is fully integrated with QuickBooks and is a hosted web based solution that is extremely easy to implement and customize.

From a financial, operational and productivity perspective, Method has most certainly improved all areas of our operation. We have experienced a level information sharing between our office locations we did not have before and have been able to decrease the amount of time it takes to write a sales order and process credit cards. Most importantly we have one source system, which is QuickBooks and we do no longer have to maintain disparate systems for credit card processing, CRM, and Warehouse management.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Trustantial and will be pleased to share our experience with any perspective customers that may be seeking your services.”

Rob J. Griffin, President
Southern Deer Stands, LLC

“Russ has done a good job for us. He is accurate and easy to work with.” — Sommer Carlin

“We evaluated Intacct, NetSuite, and SAP’s Business ByDesign, and chose Intacct because it offered the most impressive set of financial applications that were also the most cost-effective and easy to use. We also liked that Intacct provides and supports the best integration with our Salesforce.com CRM applications, and felt Intacct offered a solution that fit our needs today, while providing the flexibility to scale with us as we grow.” — VP of Finance and Corporate Development

“Intacct is very intuitive, and the reports and dashboards are easy to setup. Intacct makes it much easier to track every piece of information that is crucial to our business. I feel like I have a much better understanding of how the business is doing and can more easily identify areas for improvement. Intacct enables us to get the daily operational data we need to properly manage and grow the business.” — CFO

“With Intacct we are getting a powerful cloud accounting platform that gives us better controls, more accurate data and greater visibility into financial performance. We looked at the total cost of ownership and found that Intacct will be much less expensive than our previous system or any of the other new solutions we evaluated. Intacct will also allow us to scale our business without significantly expanding headcount in the finance department, providing an outstanding return on our investment.” — Senior Financial Manager

“The Intacct system enables the finance team to streamline processes and become even more efficient—allowing us to work smarter, not harder.” — VP of Finance and Administration

“Intacct’s on-demand applications are the perfect solution for managing a dynamic franchise network. With automatic revenue reporting and royalty collection, our franchisees are free to focus on the core business of packaging and shipping.” — President and CEO

“It used to take our finance team a significant amount of time each month to manage our revenue recognition. Now, I can look at my Intacct dashboard for real-time information.” — CEO

“When we evaluated Intacct and NetSuite, we felt Intacct was better suited to meet our needs in several key areas, including multi-entity/multi-currency management and advanced revenue management. We were really impressed by Intacct and determined it offered us the best mix of functionality along with a lower TCO and higher expected ROI than competing solutions.” — Executive VP and CFO

“With Intacct’s on-demand solution, we can effectively use the Web to manage a distributed global organization and multiple currencies.” — CFO

“After our latest acquisition, managing daily order and supply chain activities became problematic, and as a result important metrics, such as customer service levels, accounts receivable collections, and budget forecasts, were negatively impacted. Integrating CRM with Intacct lets us consolidate and process financials from multiple business units, track sales and supply chain in real time and enforce corporate accounting policies companywide.” — CEO and President

“Intacct’s integration gives our sales staff instantaneous access to client orders, invoices and any issues like credits or cancellations—supplying valuable information to them while in the field. I highly recommend lntacct and especially the Integration with Salesforce CRM.” — President

“Intacct’s financial management solution has helped make major improvements to our business processes and financial systems. Our reporting, compliance, and overall efficiency improved significantly.” — Controller

“Intacct’s fully integrated set of web-based financial applications allows us to connect users and locations in real time. The result is better staff productivity and higher customer satisfaction.” — President

“Intacct helps us save both time and money through automated and streamlined processes; we can now devote those resources to expanding the reach and success of the Great Books Foundation.” — CFO

“Intacct will enable us to double the productivity of our finance team while providing better overall control and visibility into the use of our funds.” — Finance Director

“Intacct ends the pain of scaling our company internationally by erasing the technological and economic obstacles of building a worldwide financial, supply chain and business infrastructure network.” — CEO

“We see Intacct as the perfect financial platform to deliver immediate benefits, while also providing the flexibility and scalability to handle our continued growth.” — VP of Administration


Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our services and products. The testimonials and examples used are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. These results are not an average. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.