Intacct Whitepapers

Learn more about what Intacct does, how it works, and how cloud computing can automate and streamline financial processes throughout your organization.

The 2014 Buyer’s Guide to Accounting and Financial Software

In the last few years, the demands on the finance department — from real-time reporting to global consolidation — have increased significantly. At the same time, the choices for accounting and financial software have become much more complex. How do you begin to research, evaluate and select the right software for your business? View whitepaper –>

10 Questions To Ask About Cloud Computing

Tens of thousands of companies like yours are saving money and improving productivity by adopting cloud computing – are you ready? If you’re not sure, the experts at Diversity Analysis can help. Download this white paper and you’ll learn how cloud computing can transform your finance organization and the key questions to ask about cloud computing. View whitepaper –>

Software & SaaS Financial Metrics and Key Benchmarks

Successful software companies use metrics and benchmarking to gain visibility into business performance. Every finance leader should be able to assess your company’s health through comparisons with peer companies and by establishing your own unique metrics. Learn more by downloading this white paper. View whitepaper –>

Delivering a Tailored Solution – Best-of-Breed Business Applications

This white paper looks at the breakthroughs that are making it increasingly feasible to create highly customized aggregations of discrete apps and tools that collectively provide a portfolio of functionality that properly aligns with the organization’s needs. View whitepaper –>

Why Should CFOs Look to the Cloud for their Next Financial Management System?

Cloud computing for business use has been mounting for the last couple of years. But is cloud computing really the right solution for finance? Download this eBook and discover the real costs of running finance in the cloud, the top concerns around moving to the cloud, how you can customize cloud computing solutions to meet your needs, and so much more. View whitepaper –>

Building the Business Case For Cloud Computing

This new report from the Financial Executive Research Foundation (FERF) takes a broad look at the motivations for choosing a cloud-based system, the tangible benefits of the cloud, and how cloud computing can transform the finance function. The report includes a series of interviews with CFOs and includes their commentary and profiles on their use of cloud computing. View whitepaper –>

The Nonprofit CFO’s Survival Guide: A Mini “Field Manual”

Nonprofit CFOs are under the gun to achieve so much: to automate processes, improve productivity, create greater levels of transparency and visibility, enhance the governance of the organization, and strengthen the team’s decision-making and strategic focus. View whitepaper –>

New Realities of Replacing Your Accounting System

Business software is meant to satisfy the needs of the business. But when your existing software comes up short, why fall into the trap of putting it on life support—supplementing with spreadsheets and other remedial efforts—when it’s actually never been easier to upgrade to a better, more robust financial management system. Download this report from Mint Jutras to see why companies like yours are choosing to replace their financial systems, and discover strategies to simplify the selection process. View whitepaper –>

Essential Features of a Modern Accounting System

Accounting systems are not something you change or replace very often. However, as your organization grows in size or complexity, you will reach a point where manual processes are draining your productivity and you struggle to analyze the growing range of your financial and operating data. You’ll need a better way to handle accounting within your organization. You’ll need to modernize your system. View whitepaper –>

Outgrowing QuickBooks?

View these whitepapers for information and tips on upgrading from QuickBooks to the leading cloud accounting solution, Intacct, the only AICPA-preferred cloud-based financial software.

Graduating From QuickBooks to Cloud Financials and Accounting

The Hidden Costs of QuickBooks

Moving Beyond QuickBooks