Replacing QuickBooks – Case Studies

Now that you’re outgrowing Quickbooks, it’s time to stop wasting money and time. It was never designed to handle growing organizations with evolving needs. Move to Intacct, cloud-based, best-in-class financial management software that scales with your business, automates your processes, delivers greater visibility, and integrates with your other applications.

Intacct is the award winning cloud financial management and accounting system specifically designed to help small and midsized businesses who have outgrown QuickBooks. Intacct has helped thousands of companies like yours move from QuickBooks to Intacct — your next (and last) financial management and accounting system.

Here are 3 case studies documenting how companies made the switch:

The Knowland Group Manages Rapid Growth with Intacct Cloud Financial Management and Accounting Applications

After evaluating both Intacct and NetSuite, choosing Intacct was a no brainer for us. It offers the flexibility we need for our multi-entity business and easy integration with our other business applications – all at a fraction of the cost of NetSuite.”

Download a copy by clicking here.

Signal 88 Improves Financial Management across Nearly 100 Franchises with Intacct

With Intacct, our return on investment is apparent in quicker decisions, improved franchisee satisfaction, and significant time savings for our staff.”

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ROI Case Study – Intacct – TOA Technologies

As a growth company people were learning new behaviors and responsibilities. Intacct helped us to grow and manage that.

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