Switching From Microsoft Dynamics GP to Intacct

Make your move to a modern, simple, and cost-effective system by switching from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Intacct.

Designed over 25 years ago, Microsoft Dynamics GP requires extra hardware, multiple add-ons, expensive customization, and ongoing IT support to keep up with your constantly changing business needs.

Top 5 Reasons To Switch From Microsoft Dynamics GP to Intacct

Why not spend your money, time, and resources wiser? Check out Intacct, a flexible, cloud-based system that lets you manage your business the way you want now and in the future. Here are the top five reasons to make the switch:

  1. Intacct scales to meet your changing business needs without writing code.
  2. Intacct delivers real-time visibility into your financial and operational metrics.
  3. Intacct integrates with other solutions to ensure your technology always fits your business needs.
  4. Intacct maximizes your productivity with secure access to your system anytime, anywhere.
  5. Intacct’s cloud-based systems lowers your Total Cost of Ownership by reducing your IT costs.

Want to learn more about making the switch. Visit the resources below to discover why and how companies just like yours are making the switch.

Case Studies

Intacct Case Study Cantos

Intacct Enables Canto to Reduce IT Costs, Improve Data Management, and Increase Employee Productivity

Intacct Case Study Potential Church

Potential Church Uses Intacct to Streamline Financial Processes While Accelerating Growth

Intacct Case Study Saranabu

Saranabu Sa Group moves from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Intacct in order to automate accounting and inventory management processes


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